Event: Star Wars Destiny: Standard Tournament - Every Saturday, 2:00pm

  • $6.00

Gongaii Games

10200 SW Allen Blvd. Ste A

Beaverton, OR 97007

Star Wars Destiny Standard Tournament

Every Saturday,  2:00pm


- 1st place wins $10 Gongaii Gift Card 

- 2nd place wins $5 Gongaii Gift Card

- 2 Packs for all participants (from any set in stock)

-  2018 Season 4 Tournament Prize Support


- First time playing with us? Get 1 extra free pack (from any set in stock)

- Played with us before? Bring a friend, you’ll both get 1 extra pack (from any set in stock)

- Free Food and Drink with entry fee

- Earn Gongaii Rewards Points that you can use toward a free tournament or buying products


For more information about Star Wars Destiny click here


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